81: The Plans

Web Weekly – Episode 81

In This weeks show Kevin and Jonas talk about the future of the show.

Episode 81

EP 80

Listen: Web Weekly – Episode 80

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3 Responses to 81: The Plans

  1. Jose says:

    I understand you guys are looking to “revamp” the podcast. As an avid listener, I thought you’d be interested on why I listen to your podcast instead of all the other web design podcasts out there. I personally listen to the podcast for the QUICKLINKS and news.

    I know you guys aren’t planning on completely removing QUICKLINKS from the show but Kevin did mention how you guys wanted to schedule more interviews. The average interview lasts somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour long, which basically means you will have less time to cover and discuss QUICKLINKS, the thing that made your podcast unique in the first place. There’s several web design podcasts out there that already do the “interview” thing. The big ones that come off the top of my head are The Big Web Show, ShopTalk, and the Sitepoint podcast (which Kevin is also a part of). Maybe open up the show with what you guys have been upto recently, followed by web design news and then close with QUICKLINKS. You could even have guests come on the show with a list of their own QUICKLINKS. JUST DON’T NEGLECT THE QUICKLINKS MAN!

    Wanted to finish off by saying thanks to both of you for taking time out of your busy work schedule to create my favorite and the only web design podcast I listen to.

    Jose V
    joeroguen on the interwebs

  2. Chad Warner says:

    What’s the status of the podcast? Are you still looking on relaunching, or have you discontinued?

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